Questions and Answers


Why should I hire Treasure Alley instead of holding a yard or garage sale on my own?

A successful tag sale requires an average of at least 60-plus man-hours preparing, cleaning, setting up, researching and pricing the sale. An average sale requires a minimum of four professional experienced customer service associates. We have the equipment, supplies and personnel to professionally conduct a successful sale. We have an email list of over 6000 Saint Louis area estate sale customers that are notified about our sales. We have personal contact with several collectors and dealers that follow our sales. We can get everything prepared, bring in a large volume of customers, handle all of the details and give you a cashier’s check with a detailed statement when it’s all over.

How does the estate sale process work?

Treasure Alley will meet with the client for a free consultation. We take a look at and discuss the items that are included in the sale and talk about the process. We will discuss the client’s goals and determine a unique approach to this specific estate sale. We will dig the old boxes out of the closets, basement and the attic and then sort through the treasures and ‘not-so-valuable’ items. We will set up, price and advertise the sale. We will professionally conduct the sale. We accept cash, credit cards and checks from buyers that we are familiar with. When everything is said and done, we will provide the client with a statement documenting the gross receipts from the sale, the amount of our commission and any additional expenses related to the sale. Just give us a call for more information!

What do you mean when you say you are "Bonded and Insured?"

Treasure Alley is a legitamate estate liquidation business. We are officially registered with the Missouri Secretary of State's Office as a real and legitamate business. We are "bonded" by Western Surety Company to protect you and ensure that your sale is performed and you get paid. Feel free to ask to see our documentation during our consultation and be sure to ask any other service that you may be interviewing if you can see their documentation.
Are you licensed to conduct an auction?

Treasure Alley is licensed to conduct auctions in the State of Missouri. 

What is your pricing philosophy?That all depends on what your specific goals are for the Estate Sale.  If your goal is to get all of the merchandise sold, prices must be set at a reasonable point.  Shoppers don't go to Estate Sales for Boutique or Antique Store pricing. If the items are priced too high, they will still be there Monday morning.  Dedicated Estate Sale Shoppers know which companies prices their items very low, reasonable or too high and they attend sales accordingly.  Treasure Alley is known for pricing the items at a fair price point to both the buyer and the seller.  Additionally, Treasure Alley makes a every attempt to have all mechanical and electronic items in good working condition so that the buyers feel confident paying more for a working item and because the seller can get the most money out of a working item compared to an "I don't know if it works" item! 

Should I start by throwing away the junk?

Until you meet with Treasure Alley, be very careful not to get rid of or throw things away like: Old newspapers, toys, tools, board games, records, vintage clothing, etc. Every thing in the house can possibly bring in dollars. People buy the things you might think have no value. Remember the old saying: "One man's trash is another man's treasure!"

DO NOT throw away ANY items before our consultation for the sale.This is the biggest mistake that people make concerning estate liquidation sales. Every little thing can contribute to the value of your estate. By “cleaning house” prior to a sale you can dramatically reduce your end result. If you feel you must do something, we recommend disposing of perishable food and personal/financial papers ONLY. As Treasure Alley goes through the set-up process, we will set aside personal papers, photographs and other items that may have a personal sentimental value to you and your family for you to go through before the sale, if you care to.

DON'T stress about how messy things might be, we have "been there, done that!"  We will organize your property for the sale. It is really best to let us handle all the work. You don’t have to lift a finger! Most sales can be done in one week, from start to finish. Very large sales can sometimes take an additional week or two for set-up.

DO pack and remove from the property any items you wish to keep, or move them all into the same room that will be blocked off.

Do I need to be present during the whole thing?

We recommend that the family be prepared to be away from the property during set-up and sale. The process and timetable can be compromised if the home is occupied, and can often be an emotional experience for family members. We often need to bring in extra staff if occupants or family members are on-site distracting our staff and customers.  Just give us the key and we will focus our complete attention to preparing for a great sale.  We will, of course, remain in communication for any questions, concerns or last-minute thoughts. In most cases, you will be asked to do a "walk-through" the night before the sale to check for overlooked last minute family treasures that we may have uncovered.

Do you offer an opportunity for sneak-peaks or pre-sales?

Treasure Alley allows the client and immediate family a last minute chance to check through the items for sale to make sure that there is nothing of significant personal or sentimental value offered for sale that was overlooked.  THAT IS ALL!  We feel that sneak previews or pre-sales are not fair to other buyers and the general public.  Part of the fun of estate sale shopping is standing in line Saturday morning with the hopes and anticipation of getting a great deal on that special item!  We have stood in those lines!  It is very unfair and so aggravating when you wait for that one specific item in the pictures and it is nowhere to be seen when the sale starts!    Treasure Alley respects and appreciates estate sale shoppers and would never disrespect them by selling items before the sale even starts!

If I sign a contract with you, will you run another sale on the same weekend as my sale?

This is a very important question. When Treasure Alley signs a contract with you, We are committing to put all of our energy, focus and resources into making your sale the best it can be. Dedication is the key word in our mind. For these reasons, Treasure Alley does not “Double Book”. On the dates that we have committed to you—only you and your sale are our focus.

What happens to anything left Monday morning?

That is completely up to you and your goals set out prior to the sale.  We can just leave it be or we can completely empty and clean up the house.  You will know up front in the contract if there will be any cost if you decide to have us handle what is left.  You determine the level of service that you want and you will receive an itemized statement at the end of it all documenting everything. 
We DO NOT have a "Consignment Shop!" We do not take your best items or the left over items to a consignment auction!  The only way we make money on your stuff is if you make money on your stuff because it sells at the Estate Sale, the Estate Auction or other method of Liquidation that you choose!

What do you mean by "other methods of liquidation?"

We know that some people do not wish to have their home open to the public for a sale. We have taken so called "hoarder houses" and homes is "less than perfect shape" and have conducted successful sales in them. If the client does not want their home open to the public, we can discuss alternative methods for liquidation. These alternative methods are often not as profitable but can be effective in liquidating an estate.